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Thread: My first video of LOVE~

  1. Wink My first video of LOVE~

    Halo all~~ This is my first video about a love story, and i guess this is the first time i use a story, HAHA.

    Hope you guys enjoy it, but the words are in Chinese, but it is okay, you guys will understand the story so easily.

    and about the blurring part, it is due to brand problem, which we cannot use, so please forgive me for the awkward blurring~~

    I am so looking forwards to ur comments for my video~~

    let enjoy it~~

    Here's the link, thanks~~

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    Very Sweet.

    Nicely filmed and put together. As you said it's a shame about having to mask out the Kleenex, As it is now, it looks like she put down some naked pictures of her self or is that just my dirty mind.

    As it's so good I'm going to be extra critical. The opening shot should have been on a tripod. For me that type of shot can't be done hand held. The shot at around 25 seconds could have done with some Foley sound of foot steps as the ambient didn't pick the real ones up enough. Also because it's hand held you didn't get the shot square it's slightly tilted this becomes more prominent because there are a lot of horizontal line to judge it from the stairs. This problem occurs again at around 42 seconds of the girl in the library but this time there are vertical shelves to show the outness. Again at 55 seconds look at the elevator doors they are not true verticals. Are we beginning to see a patten.

    It was mostly filmed very well with POVs, walking into shot different angles etc... Nice fitting music. AND as I said first a very sweet little story.

    Well done.

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    it is so good to hear that~~~~

    LOL, I am sure that they are not naked pics of her,HAHA.

    And yes, i think i should have used my tripod, but during that day, when i went out and got on the train, I suddenly remembered i didn't have any tripod for myself, so things needed to go on, i just choose to shot them hand held. And i guess after this incident, i would remember to check everything before i go out.

    This story will be continued in the future~~~ I would keep shooting it. HEHE

    It is very grateful to get such a comment from you and It is sweet also~~~

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    What a great little film. The music, editing and pace fitted the story perfectly.
    And you created an immediate empathy for the viewer with the girl.

    Midnight has been harsh, but he's right, and I can see that you understand that he's only being that critical because it's good but can be improved a bit technically.
    In the same vein, I thought the shots with the lad playing basketball could have been better composed. I didn't like seeing just part of the hoop.
    More subjectively I thought it looked like it had been shot through a layer of dust - did you add some sort of filter to soften it? If so, a bit too much for my taste.

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    Thanks for ur comment~~~

    I know i need to do a better job on that shot of playing basketball, but not so sure how, do u have any suggestion? Coz it is quite difficult.

    And i did put a filter to soften it, because there is a problem with that shot. The original one is too dark,because when i shot that, the outside is too shiny, and I couldn't see my mintor of my camera, and this lead to that problem ,so i try to make it soften and brighter and this causes the layer of dust, which I really don't like.

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    And i am planning on another chapter for this one!!Stay Tuned,HEHE

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    Hi there Mandy

    I am a big softy at heart and really enjoyed your short romantic video on "Teenage crush"
    I thought the two actors did a good job and the short film was well paced and well shot.

    The technical advice given by MB & TS is far above what can I an offer you so I won't comment on that.

    I agree with Midnight it would be nice to see what the girl wrote and I know this is down to a brand (copyright) problem.

    Please post the video when you have sorted out that slight problem as you have me intrigued now!!

    Overall great job Mandy .......congratulations

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    I love the shot at 0:35, cute. I agree with Midnight Blue about the audio on the stairs, that's something that stuck out. The transition when that audio ended was too harsh, foley sound might have been better. It was a really sweet video overall though.

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    thanks for ur comment~~

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