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Thread: Short Video - Rescue the Hostage

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    Default Short Video - Rescue the Hostage

    Hello Community =)

    I made a short video where I have to rescue a Hostage.
    Software / Equipment that I used:

    Camera: Panasonic TM 60
    Software: After Effects (Effects, Tracking), Final Cut Pro (Cut, Color Correction)

    I would appreciate a feedback. Also the bad ones ;D


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    It starts off a bit slow which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it takes to long to get going. The action doesn't start until 1:00 min into the video but not much really happens at all until then. If this was filled with dialogue and into to the characters it would be fine but it's not. The story is very thin and we've seen this sort of thing a million times on YouTube before.

    When someone is shot if you must have a big blood splat then make sure the blood is there on any close up other wise just don't have it. It's out continuity.

    On the plus side I've seen worse video of this type, I can see you gave some thought the getting interesting shots so well done for that.

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    I thought you'd worked quite hard on the FX but heed what Midnight says.
    As for the story, not only was it thin, but totally implausible (why would kidnappers chose to take their hostage to a place with two cameras installed?, Why would the person on Sentry be in full view of everyone in the road but not bother to check out a passing car etc), but i guess it was more an exercise in FX than anything. I do think you had a few more interesting angles than if you'd gone purely for FX. I quite liked the OTS (Over the shoulder) of the sentry looking around the corner of the house, I liked the low angle shot from the injured sentry up to the protagonist, and the drop to the low angle at 1:40. I also think you were reasonably successful in building up tension prior to 2:10.
    definitely shows promise.

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