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    How can I convert ShowBiz (.tms) into something that will work in Windows Movie Maker? What file type is best for HD video?

    Heres what Im doing:

    Platform - Xbox 360
    Game - Madden 12
    Capture Device - Hauppauge HD PVR

    I bought this to make kinda like a highlight reel. The Hauppauge came with its own software (ArcSoft ShowBiz). The file sizes from 1 game are anywhere from 500MB to 1G, so if I was to move that file straight over to Windows Movie Maker it would take FOREVER. I can cut the highlights out using the ArcSoft software, but once I save them it saves to the extension mentioned above ( .tms ) which isnt discoverable by Windows Movie Maker.

    This is my plan:

    I was going to cut out the clips I want using ArcSoft ShowBiz (.tms). Then I was going to try to convert that file to something like .MP4. Then from there upload the clips individually to Windows Movie Maker.

    My Question:

    For the best quality, which format should I convert to?
    What is remuxing?

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    Did I do a bad job of explaining my problem? This is the 3rd forum Ive posted on with 0 replys :/

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    Hi there Sampson

    Sometimes changing the file extension to .mpg works (sometimes!!!!) give it a try.
    I know WMW excepts avi , wmv ,mpg so you could opt for those in conversion. (Ie) conversion software.
    Or if you can import the big original files (even though it takes a long time) then export at a more compressed setting.

    A great resource for everything WMM is Windows Movie Maker

    great site give it a look.

    Hopefully someone will have a better answer for you .

    I use wmm a lot but I capture with my camera direct and import via firewire as DV-AVI so i am not familiar with what you are doing here Sampson.

    it is def worth trying the file extension change just rename the file and change .tms to .mpg .......sometimes works and saves a lot of messing around

    Best file for HD .....don't know

    But in terms of quality the less compressed the better from what I understand unfortunately it means a bigger file.

    Some might correct me here however. (Still learning)

    Cheers Sampson and best of luck mate

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