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Thread: Very slow render times with new pc and neatvideo

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    Default Very slow render times with new pc and neatvideo

    Dear community,

    I've been having some off problems lately, and i want your opinions:

    Here's my setup:

    Sony vegas pro 11 x64
    i7 2600k asus-stock-overclocked at 3.4ghz, 8core
    Windows 7 ultimate x64
    8gb ram gamers edition 1600mhz
    msi nvidia gts450 1gb ram ddr5
    normal sata-2 hard disk drives at 7200rpm, western digital

    I have shot a live band playing with my Sony HVR-HD1000E at 1080-50i
    The project is 2 hours long and has the following video fx:

    neat video for noise reduction
    sony color curves for brightness and contrast
    sont hsl correction for desaturating the colors
    sony color correction

    My problem is that when i render at MPEG2-Blu-ray 1080p it needs 25 hours to export the project!

    During render, Cpu load is average 30-40% which is nothing and ram is 8gb-ram.

    What am i doing wrong ?

    I have gpu acceleration (using the latest option in vegas pro 11 and cuda cores) enabled but even if i turn it off, it doesn't change a thing. Nor does exporting to interlaced makes it go any faster.

    Take a look at this Vegas Pro 11 GPU acceleration

    Since my cpu and ram aren't being stressed at all, i imagine it's either a bad setting in the project / software or the gpu being relatively old and slow, so If i invest 660 euros to get the asus nvidia gtx680 2gb ram which is a beast, ASUS - Graphics Cards- ASUS GTX680-2GD5 will i see any worthy difference or will it be money thrown away? Would it be better strictly for video applications (i am not dealing with graphics or animation) to opt for quadro? 'Cause sony shows otherwise in their gpu benchmark site which i linked above.

    Any experience with neatvideo?

    I would deeply appreciate your inputs.

    Thank you!
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    Neat video plug-in is effective but it takes an extremely long time to render even with a fast processor, as the OP is being currently advised on a couple of other forums as well.

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    You may find the money is put to better use by having four HDDs in your rig.

    1) For system OS
    2) Project Files, including captured video
    3) Media caches
    4) Exported Video.

    Third party plugins will often take a lot more power to crunch than the native video FX, Try only exporting a segment of the video with the plugin turned on, then another segment with it turned off, compare render times.

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    What are media caches ? and why wouldn't they be with the other project files ?

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    Default here you go

    In short, it really helps with previewing edits in your editor, the reason why you'll divide up different items, is because the performance of a 7400rpm drive is X, If you put 4 folders on it, then run an export, all the data has to spin on that single says disk, if you take 4 drives, 1 folder per drive , that's a greater increase in performance.

    I'm on my IPhone, so perhaps this is not very clear.

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    Thanks Bpotter908 for the explanation. I see how with the limitation of drive speeds it could help performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    What are media caches ? and why wouldn't they be with the other project files ?
    From looking at the Link Bpotter provided, I think this is the equivalent to PreRenderrs in Vegas. It appears that Premiere, like many other NLE's (certainly FCP and Pinnacle), prerenders as you make each edit. This means a delay after every edit before you can see it, but it also means the preview is more accurate and with several effects it doesn't suffer the slowing down or loss of quality Vegas does. It also means that the final render will not take so long as much has already been done.
    The advantage of Vegas is that you don't have to wait for processing every time you make an edit. but if your processor is struggling a boy with a section which does require lots of processing, you can selectively pre-render that part. So, in Vegas you have a bit more control, but at te expense of having to do a bit more work.

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    Same is true in Premier and I think the new Final Cut Pro.

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    Thank you for the excellent input.

    For the time being, i have 2 regular 7200rpm western digital sata2 drives and i am thinking of switching to:

    2xssd hard disks, one for os (windows 7 x64) + program files, and one only for projects
    +8gb ram = total 16gb ram

    You think i'll gain considerable speed with these updates? They will cost me around 750 euros..

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    Did you try my advice about turning the neat plugin on or off?

    Even with an insanely powerful editing rig, if a plugin is slow, it'll still be slow!

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