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Thread: New Animation 'ZEY THE MOUSE' Promo 2012

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    Default New Animation 'ZEY THE MOUSE' Promo 2012

    Hi, All

    Original Video deleted!
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    Massive amount of work gone into this .....respect to you.
    Really good charters /imagination and sets !!!!!
    I enjoyed it very much but my only gripe was it was was very slow.

    However overall great job Ian ...!....very original

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    Love the sets and the characters, but .... one frame a second is hardly animation - more a selection of stills (Remember the kids programmes we used to get which were basically the equivalent of illustrations.

    Quite a good way to get a trial run and see what works and what doesn't (watch lighting), but I'm afraid you'll have to spend much more time taking many more shots before we can really call theis animation - even highly stylised animation. I hope you do take the time to do it though as the look is terrific. Very Oliver Postgate.

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    Yes I agree with Tim ... as mentioned in my fisrt reply.
    It looks great what you have done amazing detail and so much potential !!!
    I just found the speed of movement and more importantly story telling very slow which unfortunately for me spoils all the other great work you have done.

    Sorry to be me negative about an otherwise excellent video.

    P.s- The sets and overall look is superb !!

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    Hi, Thank you for your critiques! this is my first attempt at animation! i did speed up the clip but wasn't sure how fast. i would like some advice prahaps on other equipment etc,
    including more shots, i would like to get together with other animators for more experience!

    I really love 'Zey The Mouse' and yes has a lot of potential and i'm going to push this as far as i can!!!

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    I liked the scenes where the camera pans, and when we see the scene from two (or three) different angles; but felt that some of the cuts looked awkward (e.g the 03:12). I find that many stop-motion clips only show one camera, fixed in one position for each scene.
    I agree with the other posts regarding the speed, an area of animation which I find very difficult. e.g, In the first scene it seems to take ages for the character to walk a few yards into the building.
    I liked lots of the attention to details, e.g. the reflection in the shop window; and that child meandering around the front room. One of the hassles of stop frame animation is that it can be difficult (or impossible) to 're-do' particular frames. So, if accidentally the lighting changes or the camera slips during the filming; there is little option to re-record that frame (e.g between 02:22 and 03:23).

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    I like it.

    Putting all the critique aside, For your first attempt I think you've done really well. You've made mistakes....but mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow, I wish you the very best of luck with this project, I think once you rectify the speed/lighting issues, It should go incredibly well.

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    HI, Tim and Bpotter!

    Yes that's true prahaps i need to use another program to squash the clips together, as i couldn't any less than (0.05) yes lighting is tricky,
    but i'm still learning about animation, yes a very excellent try for a first time at animation!! this fills me up with excitement, devotion and commitment!!

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    Ian I am sure with your mindset/talent and attention to detail you will go far wit this project and I agree with Bpotter whole heartedly (ie)
    "I think once you rectify the speed/lighting issues, It should go incredibly well."

    • Good job

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    Hi, Slimbob!

    Indeed i would like to go on a journey with ZEY! it's just a few thing's and i'm still learning about animation!!

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