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Thread: Issue: Post thank you not working

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    Default Issue: Post thank you not working

    We have operated a system of "thanks" over the last few years. Readers can thank a poster by clicking thanks under the post. Recent software upgrades have broken this functionality and new thanks are no longer generated. This feature is an unsupported addition to the software, and it's unlikely a fix will be applied.

    Due to the number of attempted hacks in recent months, we have made a decision to no longer add third party features to the site. This limits functionality, but improves security and the time spent on maintenance. We will therefore be dropping the post thank you feature in the near future.

    What does this mean for you? You will lose you accumulated thanks and will no longer be able to add new thanks. We will however continue to run the "like" feature. You can also use the social media links to recommend a post on facebook, twitter, or Google+.

    We are commited to making the site as secure as possible, and will continue to review the remaining third party plugins over the coming months.

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    iv never seen it

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