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Thread: What's wrong with my video?

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    Default What's wrong with my video?

    I've done a few video tours for real estate agents and I'm encountering some issues with my videos.
    If you play the video you can see that there's some flickering effect where the window blinds are, or where the roof is. Also you can see that effect several time during the video. What is that and how can I get rid of it? What am I doing wrong?
    I'm coming from a photography background and I've transited towards videography as a natural process due to a lot of demand for videos. So I have no formal training in this field, I'm just self-taught. And I'm still learning. And BTW, I'm using a Canon 5D Mk2 for my videos.
    Are there any specific settings I have to use for these videos?
    I would appreciate any comments that can help me solve it positively.
    Thank you.

    Here's the latest video I made:

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    Ok so first of all have you updated the firmware for that cam? You may want to check it out as there was some reference to the video features in that update.

    Second: There is nothing really wrong with the video as such. The streaking and strange lines around linear objects or sources of bright light and occasional jumpiness of the footage is due to the fact that you are recording in H.264 format. The is a very high level of compression and by compression we mean... throwing information away!

    The format is not really compressing even though they say that! That gives you the idea that some software magic is happening and your files are being squished into something smaller. They call it compression because to tell you that the format is trashing a whole bunch of your data does not make for particularly good marketing!

    So, care and feeding of H.264 shot video means that you MUST use a tripod or stabilizing device at all times. You must NOT zoom or pan quickly, slow and steady wins the race.

    And finally when you are presented with a shot that has a bright light source coming from one spot in the frame such as a window or a white bath set against muted color in the rest of the shot do not pan, zoom or move very much of at all. The H.264 codec as I said is discarding a great deal of data and this will be most apparent in shots with a bright object and motion.

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    Moire patterns from DSLR cameras is a known issue, There are updates in the firmware you can get to help with it. But as lancecarr has said because a lot of image information is being thrown away, Aliasing and Moire can be an issue. I saw THIS VIDEO about how to reduce the problem with a filter. I haven't used it but it might help you get started in finding a solution to reducing the problem.

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    Thank you lancecarr and Midnight Blue for answers. I have the latest firmware updated. It seems that the Moire is one of the problems.
    I would try that filter but it's a little bit expensive for now.
    There's another thing I did that might increase the Moire pattern. I have set the camera on Standard but I've modified the Sharpness from 3 to 6. Now I have decrease it to 3 and looks a little better.
    Another thing I found on the internet regarding how to get rid of the Moire is defocusing a little bit. That guy claims that it might help.

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