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    I am making videos from a gopro2 set a 720-60fps wide angle. After doing my first vid thru vegas movie studio hd platnum 11 I did not get the resolution after rendering and uploading to vimeo like I was getting with windows movie maker live uploaded to vimeo. I also ended up with a long period of black footage after uploading to vimeo on my first vegas video.This is all new to me but have been using wmml for about a year and am wanting to switch to vegas platnum 11. Take a look at the 2 comparisons below and let me know what you think.I guess i need to know what to start my vegas project off as and what to render to when using the gopro2 at 720-60 wide. Thanks in advance for the help. - Originally rendered thru vegas studio 11. It had a long black period left after uploaded to vimeo and did not appear to have the resolution of the vimeo video below. - redered thru windows movie maker live in hd.

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    Match your project properties to your original footage. If you don't know how to do this manually, use the match media button at the top right of the project properties box. What format are you rendering to. .wmv ? mpeg2 ? mpeg4 ? .avi ? Which ever it is, use the template that most closely matches the original footage. Make sure you're not interlacing a progressive piece of footage by checking the custom options video tab.

    I have found mpeg2 gives me the best results but larger files than .wmv which may be better for uploading to the web. A lot of people like mpeg4 but I have never had success with it. I think some trial and error is needed to find the best formats for your particular circumstances. The main thing is to try and keep everything as close to the original as possible such as resolution, bit rate etc...

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    also see if this is any further help?
    Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Movie Studio Messages

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    ok thanks. looks like i got that part figured out but my final render is longer than it should be with about 2 minutes of black screen at the end.

    how do i get it to render to the end of the footage without the extra black screen time?

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    First thing to do is have a look to see if you have a piece of media on the time line at a couple of mins past the end of the video, this could be audio as well as video. That is the usual reason but if that's not the case you could select the whole of the video as a loop region and then select the "render loop region only" tick box when rendering.

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