Our mutual hobby is a curious mix of skill, technical wizardry and ingenuity. It's rare that someone has all in abundance and we normally favour one over the others. I tend to favour finding simple solutions to what can seem like complex problems. A handy tool in most situations, and one I regularly apply to my hobby. I like to keep it simple.

We're all here to share our experience and knowledge. And the beauty of film making is that even a novice can come up with innovative ideas. But we do however rely and trust users with more experience.

And this can be tricky when Someone posts, for want of a better word, bullshit. It's been said a few times that we're not very friendly. This isn't quite true. We're a friendly bunch, but din't like half truths, or unreliable info.

So a polite request from me. If yiu're not sure of an answer, caveat your response. Always quite your reasons and experience. And don't use Wikipedia as a source.

We want to educate and demystify. We're here to provide experience accumulated through tried and tested. Methods. To sound out new ideas.

Don't bullshit, or we'll lose readers. And I'll take my ball somewhere else to play. Just a polite request at the moment.