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    Default 3D content for testing system

    Watched the following, to prove the new TV+Glasses are OK; it's a bit odd seeing slowmo and 3D all at once...probably special effects . . . using the new 3D-TV as a PC Monitor, so not "quite" the Whole thing. This clip is by LG, promoting 3D in general....mostly US sports-related:
    Link: -

    Searchiing the Internet, it's nearly all Reviews, Opinions, Warnings, Special Discounts, 3D Films ( to Buy or subscribe to Sky, etc.) - but NO obvious content. Even the "previews" aren't 3D.

    Now I can also play 3D BlueRay but there's little I want to purchase, so I have no choice but to create some of my own.(This could be the start of a disaster!)

    So, I guess those here with 3D Editing software (e.g. Vegas Studio v11), will have some knowledge, here goes:-

    (( -If replies could use the same Para. numbers that saves repeating the whole Post- your choice naturally. ))
    1) If I install a BlueRay R/W I presume its backward compatible and will even play Audio CD...

    2) My DVD R/W is SATA as intended BlueRay, so I expect to swap drives under Win7 32-bit.

    3) Does 3D need a special burner? I presume it does not as this has not been mentioned in Vegas publicity - and the burner can go at whatever speed it needs to shift the data. However, the READER needs to have the Data buffers . . . so a dedicated 3D Player is needed to read and Output (to a suitable viewing screen, etc. etc.).

    4) If I obtain a 3D "video- file" over the internet/email, etc. (that's been Authored as 3D), can I Copy/Paste it and burn it as a Data file? . . . Thereby putting-off the purchase of a 3D camera and 3D Editor. Will a BlueRay 3D player play that; or regard it as Data, which I suspect?

    5) Is there anything to stop having several files on one BlueRay? - ie without having 3D Authoring - treating them as DATA only. Can I drop such files into DVD Architect Studio v5 (which includes BlueRay authoring, but there is no 3D featured)

    6) Vegas Studio v11 includes 3D Editing and Disc Authoring via Architect Studio. - I presume AS is still just a burner program, although it may include 3D titling effects - can anyone explain?

    -NOTE: I do intend to buy VS when the next version comes out,(Summer 2012?), but my need for 3D Test-viewing is still right now. I'm really surprised there is no BlueRay disc to set up the system, but it was a "mixed bag" from Tesco . . . "You pays yr money..."
    (the YouTube content [above link], confirms my system does work, Phew! but it is a bit eye-tiring, even for 5-minutes and that strain lasts nearly an hour. Whoops!)

    7) Any suggestions as to how/where to obtain some short 3D data clips formatted to be burnt onto BlueRay? Maybe, I just buy a cheap 3D cartoon Movie?

    Curious to know if a DVD can provide 3D . . . since the player has the necessary buffers and "might" upscale any missing frames (some hope eh?)

    9) Any other sources of 3D discs (ie burnt/finalised), suitable for general viewing/testing 3D TV's and the glasses? i.e. without a Hollywood price-tag.


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    The YouTube clip just looked a standard, side-by-side system. That is of course easy create; and view on a PC monitor or a TV.
    On some 3d TV's the effect is had by using polarising glasses. What is the accepted codec for your TV to interpret the output as a 3d image? I recently created and watched some 3d still images on an LG TV which we created using the MPO format. Very impressive, but I have no idea what format the TV required to display 3d movies.

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