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Thread: 2hr VHS to 1-DVD ??

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    Default 2hr VHS to 1-DVD ??

    Can I get this nailed down? I want to capture (have ATI TV card) my 2 hour VHS tapes to one DVD. The mpeg2 file result is way too large. Therefore I have to shrink somehow. Dont know how to do that unless I can first change to .ifo's, .vbo's , blah..blah. I have programs to handle
    those files....DVDCopy , DVDShrink. Also TEMPGenc (free version).,
    DVD Decrypter, IFO Edit , DVDRipper (trial...does same as DVDCopy by
    InterVideo far as I know)
    Am I going to have to break down and buy something else ? And what
    would that be?

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    decrease the video bitrate and change audio from PCM (if it is) to MPEG layer II... this should help


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