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Thread: the good camera for shooting wedding

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    Default the good camera for shooting wedding

    hi i'm hendrik from south africa, i want to know which video camera is right for wedding shoot

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    Maybe give us a clue...& Budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hmokoena View Post
    hi i'm hendrik from south africa, i want to know which video camera is right for wedding shoot
    Quote Originally Posted by Stoikimagic View Post
    Nikon camera is best for wedding shoot.

    poorly asked question, poorly given answer.

    To the OP

    1st off, what is your budget
    2nd, what is your preference? do you like full automatic, point & shoot, or are you a professional photographer who used to have top of the line equipment ten years ago and just got back to photography after a tiresome failed marriage when your ex wife tried to make you quit photography and start go kart professional racing?
    3rd. at least define "shoot" and define "camera", photoshoot or videoshoot, camcorder or photography camera? DSLR, what is your budget in lenses? maybe you already have some?
    4th. your experience, skill level, who you are as a photographer, where do you come from etc...

    to the reply
    the only kind of stuff you wouldn't need anymore arguments and substance to it, that would be acceptable in one sentence as you put it is stuff like "the earth is round" or "the water is wet".
    You don't even know if the guy wants to film or shoot photos, you don't know if he wants to spend 20 or 20k
    So basically what you're telling is "there is nothing else out there but nikon", and I'm sure many people would disagree, probably many would also agree, no one would really be wrong.

    but in order to say stuff like that, you need to back it up with something. experience, stories, technical data, whatever, but back it up, give us a reason to believe you and to understand why you have so much confidence that this brand is the only one worth considering, and that for all uses or price ranges. If you know something that significant, if you have the data to back it up, I'm sure many people would be thrilled to learn about it.

    My point, to the OP, it's good that you come here and ask stuff, this is a very good forum and people work very hard so they can give you the best advice. But you have to acknowledge that we, on the other side of the screen, are "real" people. being nice, polite, precise, giving details about who you are, what you are trying to achieve and how to you plan to get there, for how much, where do you come from etc... all that is some information that will allow this community to give you the best possible answer.

    there is no ultimate "best" camera, there are several cameras for several uses, if there were a "best", then there would only be one and all the other manufacturers would have nothing left to do but quit, but this is not the case, far from it. but there can be a "best for you"

    best for your budged, according to what you want to do, the quality and type of shots (photo, video, portraits, landscapes, crowd, artistic etc...) you plan to do at weddings. There will not be an ultimate best (and if there were, it would probably be a setup costing in the region of 20-30k and pretty much unusable by anyone without a solid experience), but there can be several best compromises between all that you want to do and how much you're willing to invest in.

    Also keep in mind that getting high end equipment without having the slightest idea of how using it is pointless, you'd rather get a regular 5k necklace, it'll be much easier to handle and probably easier to use too. I really don't dig that new necklace trend with 5D EOS, please don't be a part of this, do it for yourself. (I'm not saying "don't get a 5D")
    You want to preserve your ego too, don't go out and spend 1k/2k+ on equipment only to find out that your 14yo niece does nicer pictures than you with her 100 pounds on sale nikon compact she got for her birthday.

    You want to get the most for your own skill level, something that will allow you to make the best with whatever you have.

    Do not rush for a DSLR, if you're new to DSLR, you may think "oh I'll get this one for 1k, use it with the kit lens, that'll suffice", you'll be spending your 1/2k better trying to get a horse get a driver's licence. When you look at those nice DSLR HD videos on youtube, most of the time, people have more money spent on lenses than the camera itself. A better camera will probably take better advantage of better lenses, but cheezy kit lenses will remain cheezy kit lenses, and they won't produce pro-quality images (unless you're very good in post and alter the image to some extent, then you can create something but that probably won't work out that great for weddings)

    This video actually illustrates it pretty well (and the impersonation of the 1D owner is something you can actually see in real life, some people just believe that numbers = talent, somehow)

    I hope it helped a little

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