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Thread: 48p: The non-film look

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    Default 48p: The non-film look

    Apparently the cinematic feel really is created just by shooting at 24p.

    BBC NEWS - Peter Jackson unsurprised by critics of Hobbit footage
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    Good for Jackson for trying something new.
    I take it your comment was purely to prompt debate, Marc.
    The "cinematic look" requires a number of things 24p, good lighting, attention to DoF and good lenses being among them. If any one of those is missing it will look less "cinematic" - as is presumably the case here.

    I suspect the eye does notice the slight flicker at 24p: it is reckoned that for PC gaming to be "playable", frame rates in excess of 30fps are required. I have no idea whetehr we'd notice differences in fps above that - I suspect it will be different for different people.

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    Just out of interest, in the early days of finding a standard the producers who were funding the bill wanted to shoot at 18fps as it was the lowest frame rate where the motion could be seen properly by the human eye and meant cheaper film prices, but the audio synching had problems so 24fps was settled on.


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    I doubt the average punter would be able to tell the difference between 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, or 24p. It's ok because if you read the article it says he hasn't run the footage through magic bullet looks yet.

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    I'm interested to see how the Hobbit footage looks running at 48fps in 3D. James Cameron has stated that he wants to shoot the Avatar Sequels at 60fps!
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    "Advocating that we have to stick with what we know, I think is a slightly narrow-minded way of looking at things when as an industry we are facing declining audiences.
    "We have to find ways to make it more vibrant, more immersive - something that will encourage people to come back to the theatres for that experience."

    Let the critics whine...The "creative" industries have to be innovating and coming up with new ideas, kudos to Jackson for taking a risk with this film

    @Midnight, I prefer Boris Red over Magic Bullet Looks

    @Tim, I once recorded a game trailer for someone, the FPS rate was much closer to 60-70. I actually quite like the look of video game content with a high FPS rate as opposed to 24p cinema films.
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    Are they not in danger of going backwards? Wouldn't all the trouble they took to make special effects look real, all of a sudden turn them into animations again? I know video games look more like animation than reality.

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    But this is 3D - isn't that just 2-channel 24fps?

    One aspect of 3D (I read) is that there are odd effects as objects move their viewpoint close to the viewer, since any frame is not necesarily in both eyes at the same point in space. By having more frames I guess this is likely to halve the effect.

    It's all very confusing.

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    I don't think so Vid 24fps is 24fps just as 48fps is 48fps. It's got nothing to do with 2 channels or whether it's in 3D or what ever.

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    so what is this trailer shot at ? looks pretty cinematic to me

    BBC News - Peter Jackson's Hobbit trailer released
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