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Thread: Salt water and auto recording video cameras

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    Default Salt water and auto recording video cameras

    Good evening all.

    I'm a new poster here and i'll admit i've only signed up as i have a wee dream and i hoped you folks may have a solution to my problem.

    I'll say now i am slightly technically able but no whizz.

    I, and a group of friends are running a sailing trip from the UK to Antarctica and back, and we would like to install a camera on the back of the boat to record bits and bobs for posterity and possible uploading via satellite for the folks back home.

    We have in our minds a camera capable of day and night operating, and with an idea that we could have a 'record' button somewhere really accessable whereby if something interesting was to happen we could hit the button and the next 5 minutes could be saved on the computer. (or even better the previous minute plus the next 4, something like that).

    We would obviously be looking for something with low power consumption.

    Is a system like this anything you have come across in the past or have any thoughts on?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.


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    I have a camera with what Panasonic call "Pre-Recording mode" but it only covers a few seconds before the record button is pressed. When it is set to this mode, it is basically recording continuously into a buffer but because of the limitations of the buffer size of my camera it will only pre-record 3 seconds in HD or 7 seconds in SD. As my camera is a few years old I'm sure they have improved on the buffer size but I'm not aware of a specific camera.

    There is another mode which is called "Loop mode" which again is a continuous recording onto a special memory card called a P2 card (very expensive for a memory card) I think they are available up to 64Gb size. Once the card is full it wipes the data sequentially and starts recording new video from the beginning again so if you know something happened 10 mins ago you know you've got it on camera (providing it was pointing in the right direction) so you can just stop the recording download to the laptop and start again. I'm not recommending my camera for this job, I'm just pointing out that Panasonic have this technology, so it might be worth starting with that brand.

    What ever you end up getting make sure it's in a water proof case or it won't last very long.

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    Something like this should meet most of your demands. Friends should be able to monitor via the internet too.
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