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Thread: Failed to return a video frame

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    Default Failed to return a video frame

    Hope all is well,

    I'm a noob working with Premiere Pro. Been working on a couple of different projects and the software has performed well. Having problems when I try to encode the video using the Adobe Media encoder. I've been trying to encode Mpeg2-ntsc for DVD authoring with another software program (pinnacle studio 9 at this point)

    Once the encoding process is started, things look as if they're going well. The computer will encode about 3 minutes of the video and then I get the message "adobe premiere pro failed to return a video frame. Cancelling the operation." Just for "fun," I've tried encoding different projects using different settings... ie PAL... 720p... wmv... I get the same results.

    The program will let me create AVI files, but they are freakin HUGE!!

    Any ideas? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
    Mark in SD

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    This is a known problem with Premiere Pro and SP2.

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    Default Thanks,

    Appreciate the info. Thanks for your help.
    Mark in SD

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    On Premiere 2.0 error try to reencode again the vob or mpg .
    Ex: Use Tmpgenc and reencode the video again to Pal or NTSC (depending the case) .
    Then go to the directory where you have your mpg file where adobe is using and gave that error and replace it with this one new reencoded by tmpgenc .

    P.S. use the name of the file and extension with the same name as the old one .

    It worked for me on this way .

    Hope helped someone


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