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Thread: Exciting project filming & editing, Paid and voluntary work

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    Default Exciting project filming & editing, Paid and voluntary work

    At the moment i am looking for talented film-makers & editors. If you are established please reply to the below email, However the budget is not huge, If you are an upstart/student/business please also respond with an idea of how much you would like relative to your experience, Any one looking to work for free that would be greatly appreciated & valued.

    Project 1
    I Am looking for an cam operator with own equipment to record in HD and edit said footage into a music video. If You are interested in this project please contact the below email with links to relative works.

    Kind Regards


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    Maybe the same thing we all want? I'm sure there are many people here that deserve it more than you, but that would take take at least 2 minutes of your precious time to figure this out.

    In the meantime,


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