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    Default Magic Bullet presets

    I have a little problem. Yesterday, since the forum were down, I decided to read the review about Magic Bullet and got interested. So, I decided to download the trial version of Magic Bullet Editor.

    Unfortunately, when I install it, it fails to install the presets.
    It tells me "Setup cannot write to the destination file"

    I was wondering if there was a way to solve this and if not, if it is possible for someone to send me the presets or give me settings of the principal presets.

    The ones I would like to try are Basic, Basic Warm/Cool, Neo, Bleach Bypass, Coolish, Curakee, Miami, Sharp, Tropico Wash and Un-Bloom.

    Thanks alot, Maxime

    Edit: Forgot to tell, I'm using Premiere Pro

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    Anyone? Please, I really need to know at least the "Basic" settings!

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    Where have you chosen as the destination folder?

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    I tried severals such as the plug-in folder of premiere, on my desktop, in a various files folder, etc.

    Can you tell me what is the type of file of the presets? And where are they installed? I tried using the After Effects version presets and putting them in the premiere presets folder but it didn't work.


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    It look like the full version of the presets does not split the presets into different files (for obvious reasons), except for the old film looks. All plugins have the extension aex.

    they are installed under either the common or en_US folder in the plugins folder.

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    Problem solved, I used Magic Bullet Suite for After effects at my friend home to write down the settings.

    All I can say is wow! Really gives that little look to your video footages!

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