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    Good evening fellow editiors i have a question, I'm trying to replicate this effect where in the video track it looks like its blinking. What i mean is something like this Colb De'Lion ft. Quis- "Hard" [Prod. By J-rum] | Tren Sett Films - YouTube from 0:18 to 0:22 how do you do that? Is it just quick transition? or is there an effect i can add to do this? Any help is much appreciated.

    I'm using vegas movie studio hd platinum 11
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    I'd call this a quick fade through black.

    Here are several options:

    A] Split where you want to Fade, and go do a reduce Offset at end of the Event.

    . . or . .

    B] Place a Solid Black above the Video track and alternate between transparency and solid Black

    . . or . . .

    C] Get busy with a Levels Envelope and set Points

    3 off the top of me head!

    . . . . .


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