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Thread: Sony Vegas 10.0 Pro - Interesting problem.

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    Default Sony Vegas 10.0 Pro - Interesting problem.

    I was splitting video pieces (S) and I guess I hit some button around it. I tried to reproduce the problem but nothing happened. The problem is, my video timeline area got about 50% darker and none of the videos have video on them, just a black screen. What could this problem be?

    Sony Vegas 10.0 Pro
    Windows 7 64-bit Professional

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    check Video track controls (See VPro online Help). Maybe you accidentally clicked the Mute button thus preventing the video track from being played.

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    The "Z" key is just below the "S" split Key. And "Z", by itself will Mute the Video track that HAD the Focus when you Split.

    So, you don't even need to hit the Mute button in the track header to achieve this result. But you can Check to see if the Mute in the Track is also off too - I bet it is!


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    I concur it is the Z key , it mutes the track and so becomes dark/black.

    I use it sometimes when when on a 2 camera shoot to switch from cam 1 to cam 2

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