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Thread: How to get good-old video clip look into home made move?

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    Default How to get good-old video clip look into home made move?

    Im trying to find out what effect/technique is responsible for the typical 90's video clip look, so i can shoot similar looking video. To get better idea what i'm talking about watch Michael Jackson's Give in to me video, and Guns N' Roses: Don't Cry, November rain and Estranged.- See the characteristic Colors, and contrast? Blue is intense and magical. How did they achieve this look? Filters, effect? Can i get it in some video editing program?

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    This can be done in post production, using standard Vegas filters.
    You can do it yourself (if you have skills in color correction) or use plugins, such as Film Looks from (it requires Sony Vegas Pro 11):
    Movie looks and color grading presets for Sony Vegas Pro

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