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    I purchased SW to allow me to capture time lapse video of the construction of my built in pool in 1280x720 720p 16:9. About a month in, the SW reset to default resolution 640x480 4:3.

    Of the 4 months of video, I have one day of 640x480 4:3, and the rest at the desired 1280x720 16:9. Unfortunately, the one day of 640 covers the entire excavation of the pool, so I can't just leave it out.

    I have Nero Vision HD Platnum V10, and Windows Live Movie Maker. Every attempt I have made with these video editing packages to resize the 640x480 clip to come close to the other 1280x720, has failed, leaving me with letterbox black lines.

    I was able to use a "Zoom Out" Transition feature in Windows Movie Maker to at least start the clip enlarged to an acceptable size similar to the 1280 clips, but as the clip plays on, the TRANSITION pans out making the clip smaller and smaller until it reaches original size at the end. I have not found a way to leave it at this enlarged state throughout the clip.

    I understand that I will never have the 1280x720 720P resolution for this one clip, and that the aspect ratio would never be exactly proportional to the 1280x720 frame, but I am willing to experiment until I get something reasonably close to the right size frame throughout the 4 months of video clips (crammed into 15 minutes).

    Can someone recommend how I can resize this one 640x480 clip to a near 1280x720 frame, using Nero Vision or Windows Movie Maker SW , or recommend an alternative SW that will do it fairly easily and cheaply.

    Many thanx,

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    I don't know if you can crop a video in Windows Movie Maker. Try downloading the trial version of Sony Vegas. It has some called the Pan/Crop tool this will do what you want very easily. Just set the project properties to the 720p of the rest of your footage put the footage on the time line. select the small clips and open the P/C tool then right click on the image and select match output aspect. That's it job done.

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