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Thread: Another Weekly Jitterbee VIDEO!!!

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    Default Another Weekly Jitterbee VIDEO!!!

    Whats up again!

    It's time for my next weekly Jitterbee video!

    This weeks video features my girlfriend riding down the alley on a Scooter. I wanted it to look post apocalypse/bad-ass girl. I think I got pretty close with color correction. It totally has that feel and if you think there was more I could have done with that aspect please tell me!

    Now I seem to be getting lots of comments saying that the concept doesn't work for them but your missing a key point in my videos. I do make up the concept but I do it the way my client wants it. In the video world when you have a job it doesn't matter what you think. You work to make money and personally I enjoy being creative with pancake commercials.

    Please comment on the camera work, angles, lighting, editing style... ect.

    Shot on the 7D
    Edited in FCP, AE 5.5


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    This is a better one I think. The only thing I think is missing for this is a close up of the product vibrating a lot as it moves along the road.

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