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Thread: My First Car Film... Civic (A Honda Civic Short Film)

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    Default My First Car Film... Civic (A Honda Civic Short Film)

    This is my first attempt at making a car film. Feel free to criticize just make it constructive to help me learn and expand.

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    A head on collison at 3.40 would have really made this video

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    Whilst there's a lot that could be a lot slicker with this video, as a non-petrolhead I found it much more watchable than most car vids we see.

    I think this is for two reasons: It had a narrative, not a particularly strong one, but a narrative non the less, and the driver was a minor co-star. This showed the car as not just a heap of steel, but also a part fo someone's life. i like the fact that we saw him taking photos of the car but you didn't feature this in ay way - we're just left to observe it.

    Some suggested areas for improvement:
    Many of the tracking shots are less than perfect - this comes with practice.
    Whilst you got some interesting angles here and there, it still felt that there were a lot of shots taken from standing height, which meant you're looking down on the subject. Cars generally look better looking level or up at them. Case in point - loading the boot at the beginning - a nice start to the film and the narrative, but made rather boring by the shot chosen. Something level with the boot would be better, and how about a shot from inside the boot as the guy loads - much more "filmic".
    The shot at 1:30 left a bit to be desired - it's neither a shot of te road nor the mirror: it should be (mainly) one or the other, but here we had almost a split screen and even there the reflected shot showed an unsatisfactory part of the driver.

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    There were some good few shots in there.
    However some shots were too underexposed. Perhaps showing more mid-range shots?

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    I would of had more properly exposed shots if I would had a reflector, I didn't want to have the sky and buildings to be blown out. But I do agree about the under exposed bits.

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    I think your car video is ok but there is so much its missing.

    Your first opening scene was almost 40 sec. That's way to long.
    There was a large part where you leave frame to get more stuff to put into your trunk. Cut that out, nobody wants to look at an open trunk for 5 sec.
    Also to make the scene more interesting would be close ups and inserts. Get the camera in there so we can see what your putting into the car.

    Lots more close up throughout the video would be nice to. When you turn on your car get a ECU of your keys in the ignition and more stuff like that.

    Keep working at it though and see what you can come up with next time.

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    Yea I agree it could of had some extra close ups. I am starting work on one for an other car, so Im taking in all this advice for the next one

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    Lots been said, i can see what you were trying to achieve, each clip was far too long, use more fades to flow the film along.
    I allways like to have a fast paced bit in a film, so at the 2min point where things are getting a bit boring, do something fast with really quick half second clips and add a bit of Dubstep (Skrillex) then end off the film back to slow fades to round the day off.
    The above is just my style but have found it to work on many films ive done in the past

    Would be great to see another edit of this film
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    Were you the one filming it or the one driving the car? The one who filmed it often didn't make the car come into focus and many times cameraman followed the car and then lost it compleetely. I agree with Brian G. - the scenes could have ben cut sooner, specially parts where cameraman "looses" the car and it drifts off frame. I saw that awesome wheel stabilizer rig thingie (don't remember the technical term for it) in the video but it felt like very few shots were filmed with it.

    I like the fact that you filmed it and that it is your first attempt because doing is better then analysing it to death. I thing you should keep it up (car videos) and experiance you gain making them will elevate your skill level. If you decide to make a next car film, include some kind of story into it. Have fun making the next one

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    I was the cameraman in this situation. The fig-rig (wheel) was only used for 3 shots of the whole video and could have been used more. And the reason the car got would of frame was because I was holding up the camera on a mono pod off the ground because there was a little hill that you couldn't see the car over so I had to lid the mono pod, would of been nice with a crane
    iMac 21.5", 8 GB Ram, 500 GB HD, 2 TB EXTERNAL HD. Final cut Express. Final Cut Pro X. Motion 5 for some special effects.

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