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Thread: For Sale: SNAS 96TB Apple Storage System

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    Default For Sale: SNAS 96TB Apple Storage System

    My company Dempsey Film Group has closed it's doors and we've been selling all kinds of stuff. Most of it is sold but we still have a SNAS storage system that is still available for sale. It's a 96 TB system that's all Mac based. I've included the invoice that has all the gear on it. This was used as a shared network attached storage and worked awesome for our 6 edit suites and graphic workers... It is my understanding that you can use this as a SAS unit as well or I am willing to part it out for the right prices and If I get a lot of response.

    We bought this system for around 75k and I'm willing to let it go for much less. shoot me an offer.


    I have more pictures...

    Jeff Dempsey
    dempseygear overthere-at


    1- Apple Xserve Two 2.26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM 160GB SATA Hard Drive Dual 750W Power Supply
    Rack Mount Kit - Threaded hole rac

    AppleCare Premium Service and Support Plan

    3- 16 Bay Rack Mount 6Gb SAS RAID Enclosure 32TB

    48- Seagate Constellation 2TB SAS Hard Drive SATA Hard Drive

    1- Atto R680 6Gb SAS RAID Controller

    1- Arista 10Gb 24-port Optical Switch

    16- Arista 10Gb SFP+ 100M Optical Transceiver

    1- 10GigE PCIe 6-port Card PETG6NF

    8- 10GigE PCIe 1-port Card PETG1NF

    2- Single-port Gigabit Ethernet Card PCIx

    3- 1 Meter External Cable Mini SAS 26 to Mini SAS 26

    10- 10 Gig Multimode Duplex 50/125 fiber jumper LC-LC, 35m

    2- APC Smart-UPS 2200VA RM 2U 120V

    1- Gefen DVI to HD/SD SDI Scaler
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    It's a good job I'm not rich, else I'd probably buy it just to show off "Yeah...look at my raid array!"

    I'm such a nerd.

    Back on topic, It's a good looking system.

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    Price starts at $30,000 any takers???

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