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Thread: The Genius Game

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    Question The Genius Game

    I bumped into this video today, and it struck me as genius.

    So I would like to share it in order to get opinions.

    My reasons for considering it genius are rather abstract, so by inviting critique, it would be interesting for me to hear opinion.

    I'm not going to say why I consider it genius, (that's the game part), lol - but I will confess eventualy

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts ...

    Trentemoller feat Ane Trolle - Moan - YouTube

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    I thought this was well done. the story line was good in that, there are no spoken words so you have to work it out. Spoken words in this may have spoiled the plot.

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    Well, I'm afraid someone is going to to have to spell it out for me. I'm all for having to think about things but if a meaning is too cleverly hidden then the video has failed to communicate anything.
    Clues anyone?

    EDIT: The above sounds rather grumpy. I don't mean it to be so. I'm more depressed that I don't get anything from the video. (Apart from it's technical proficiency, which is excellent)
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    Ok clue = 2m.17s - 2m.34s

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    It's very nicely photographed but I didn't see a meaning either not even looking at the reflection shot at 2:17 - 2:34.

    All I could think is that the woman needs a damn good meal.

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    Yes Stripe there is no denying that this is a very artistic /beautifully shot video.
    The women is captivating in a strange way and looks almost alien to the rest of the video.
    I thought the shot of her looking out to sea on the boat was powerful.
    2.17 - 2.34 .... thinks I am missing some deeper meaning here ????
    however it is beautiful shot and fantastic reflection shot using the puddle.

    Please give us you take on it Stripe...... especially your thoughts on 2.17 - 2.34

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    Thanks for playing the game people

    I will gather my abstract thoughts and publish them (tonight I hope)

    But for others, it's not to late to participate

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    Now I feel like a lab rat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Now I feel like a lab rat.
    You should worry. I was once described as "ferret-faced" in a local newspaper!

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    Tim - please post article (HD preffered)

    So the game is over - well boo-hiss, not much participation, I must work on my Bruce Forsyth presentation

    The clue I gave was the most important thing about this video - in that NOTHING HAPPENED for 17 seconds.

    But the nothing was paced so brilliantly.

    The storyline? Woman has urge to go to a place to receive something, the crumpled notepaper tells us there is a previous story untold that is enough to bring her across water to find something, she's pretty emotional so there's something major going on in her life. She grabs at the parcel (brilliantly filmed) and finds a bag, she walks off with bag, looks in bag - bright glow, man comes and takes it, she just about willingly gives it up, but there is something between them that shows they understand.

    Ok, I saw the bag contents for arguments sake 'happiness'. Enough to make her track it down, then voyage to it, then take it, glance at it, and hand it on - brilliant.

    So where's the genius?

    The edits were fantastic, look at them individualy as seperate takes, they are nothing. The 2 occasions in the crowd shots of the faces looking adding to the atmosphere of something sinister, yet all those clips were nothing, subtle, but together they gave such an impression. And at such a slow pace.

    Recently I watched the video 'the box' here on this forum, and I see the intensity of a short film, and I see that something always has to be happening - the box is here, the box is being opened, the box the box... We critiqued that the storyline was uneventful, and we picked holes in the scenes - but was it any different to this video storyline wise?

    Could we have handled 17 seconds of nothing in the Box?

    I'm saying I also would be this way with directing - something always has to be happening, every shot must have purpose, got to bang that storyline into the viewers face.

    What I see as genius here, is that nothing happened and yet the whole was incredible, there was sub plot, previous plot, imagination required by the viewer. Each and every 'nothing' shot' melded together to produce a coherent 'impression' of events - they were not 'stuck in our face'. Things did not need to happen. Look at those two face shots as she's walking through the crowd - they are magical, hardly noticable, but fantastic direction, and give so much feel to NOTHING!

    It's pretty abstarct and hard for me to explain, so I have to babble.

    My lesson here is that I don't have to be wham bam with my cuts, i can build up feeling using impression, and i can take as long as i like, as long as it is done right, if it seems like a soft jigsaw gently falling into place - NOTHING HAS TO HAPPEN - it just needs to be done with feeling, and the SOMETHING HAPPENS.

    I find that genius.
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