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Thread: Windv capture. Import into premiere. Clips skips and stops??

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    Default Windv capture. Import into premiere. Clips skips and stops??

    I have one more quick question..
    Ive used windv to 'capture' my DV. ive capture in type 2 AVI. (premiere was dropping frames!)
    I then open in premiere 6.5 and import the clips. I put one clip onto the timeline (120meg) and just press play on the monitor, it plays for about 4-5secs then starts skipping and stopping then starting again. i know its not drop frames from the capture as it plays perfectly in windows media player. what could be causing this?

    I think my computer is capable of editing here are the specs..

    Medion Titanium MD 8083 with Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading-Technology real 3.0 GHz
    8 x Multi Format (+/-) DVD/CD Re-Writer DVD-R DVD+R CD-R • CD-RW
    Graphics Card ATi Radeon 9800 XXL 256M Memory Interface
    DVD-ROM 16x
    200G Hard disk super fast 7,200 rpm
    512M Memory DDR 400MHz 64 Bit dual channel memory (one bank free for upgrading memory)
    Stereo TV FM Radio Card
    6 x USB 2.0 2 x front, 4 x rear
    2 x FireWire IEEE 1394
    1 x front, 1 x rear
    8 Channel Audiofor Digital Home Movie Entertainment and optimised sound
    10/100 MBit Network LAN
    SmartCard Reader Reads and writes all standard memory cards including Memory Stick (Pro), IBM Micro Drive, Multimedia Card (MMC), Compact Flash Card, SmartMedia Card, XD Card
    and SD Card. Also reads mobile phone SIM cards and Credit/Debit Cards using the SmartCard Reader.

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    Perhaps, it's only the video that needs to be rendered..

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    dont think so.. ive rendered it and it doesnt have the [X] in the corner.
    it seems to be a lot better today, but still likes its a bit jumpy, missing a frame everynow and then when i just press play in premiere..
    *sigh* the things we go through eh!

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