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    Anyone watching it? In finding it beautifully shot, great music, great atmosphere but sooooo slow :-/ not sure I'll make it to the end
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    I don't know what it is. I saw a bridge the other day when I went to Hull. It's very long.

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    Lol! Probably a lot more action on your bridge mb

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    Must've been Walton Bridge. That's always slooooow.

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    What is "The Bridge"

    Sorry for being a dumb ass

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    I think it's a TV program but I've never seen it.

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    I will have to give it watch......must admit I don't watch much T.V

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    the bridge is ultimate eye candy. BBC 4 are showing it. you may be able to catch up with it on iplayer ?

    like i said it looks beautiful but its a tad slow and the acting's bit peculiar ..... bloody danish

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