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Thread: Titanic sinks iceberg. Great loss of Ice.

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    Default Titanic sinks iceberg. Great loss of Ice.

    My first crack at animation Not exactly how I wanted the finished production. The computer struggled with it, I thought I would render it and see what happens. My machine got a bit stressed when it came to the funnel smoke and bow and stern wash, so had to leave that out. I would have preferred to do this in 3D, needs a beefier computer will come later.

    Titanic sinks iceberg

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    I rather liked the low tech look. A bit of music and some sound FX would make the world of difference.

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    Thanks Tim. To be honest it got half way through the render (1 Hour) when I realized I forgot the background music. I might try the Jaws movie music.

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    I agree, it needs some sound.

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    Just updated Titanic with Titles and background music.


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    I liked it. I appreciate it was intended only to use a few colours, but I might have chosen not to use black for the sea and the ship's lower body. Sometimes it gave the impression that funnels were wandering around by themselves. Around 0:18, I might have preferred to see the ship even smaller before it disappeared. I liked the iceberg going down at the end; nice animated movements as it sways around before sinking. I thought the timings were good. It kept my attention throughout.
    Not sure about the music. The use of modern music related to a shark in a drama about the loss of hundreds of lives does not seem appropriate. Given the comic element of the animation, I might have chosen a mixture of sound effects, sailors hornpipe; or the sound of a band being slowly submerged.

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    Thanks for your input Tim, most appreciated.

    Funny thing is the rendered version colours came out slightly different to the original. You have given me some good ideas about the choice of music. Just to make sure I put in the Youtube description "If only it happened this way round" So as people hopefully would not think I am making a comedy from a disastrous event.

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    I didn't think the music worked, though I understand why you tried it. I'd go for adding sound effects, some sort of crunch when it hit's the iceberg, sea, ships engines etc. See if you can paint the scene so you know what is happening just from the sound. This will lift the images 10 fold. I also didn't like the "Pinnacle special titles" Although I've used the very same in the past, I don't find this text attractive now.

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    Thanks MB. That settles it. I will ditch the Jaws theme and do as you and Tim suggest. And come to think of it now. I agree with you on the Pinnacle titles. keep it plain and simple. Hope this will be third time lucky.

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    I agree with changing the music too .......didn't think it worked personally.........
    Change it for what ....that is the question ???????????????????????????????????
    Thought the animation was was quirky and interesting.
    Liked the iceberg animation.

    Good job

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