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    I know next to nothing about video editing, I hope you will allow me to draw from your expertise. I'm a musician in a band, and we have recently shot raw material for a music video, that I instructed. Luckily we got two friends who know a bit more about video editing and the two of them will collaborate about the editing.

    The thing is, they live in different cities and use different software. Kristian is on a Linux PC using Cinnelera and Toke is on a Mac using Final Cut. Kristian has been involved in making the storyboard so he has the best idea about how to make sense of the raw material, but does not have very much time, and Toke has more time and processing power. The idea that we are working with now is that Kristian and I make a rough sketch of the cut, and Toke finishes it. We will probably use quite heavily compressed files for the sketch. Then the idea is that Toke reconstructs the sketch using the non-compressed files.

    Do you think this idea will fly? We were thinking that we in some way could use the time codes from the sketch to do the reconstruction. Does this make sense? Is it possible to export the time codes from one program to another, so that we in that way can migrate from Cinelerra to Final cut? Or is it necessary to use the same program, if we do not want to make the reconstruction manually (and if it is indeed necessary, what could be a candidate for a program that runs on both linux and mac?)?


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    The solution here is (or was) EDL - Edit Decision Lists. According to Wikipedia both Cinelerra and Final Cut Pro (but dorpped in version X) support some form of EDL. I've never used EDL, but unless someone has a better solution this may be the place to start. Edit decision list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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