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Thread: My introductory video: VW and Audi car show

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    Default My introductory video: VW and Audi car show

    Hello all, this is my first post and my most recent video. I'm just getting back into filming and I need a new set up..bad. This was all shot with a Canon Gl1, and Century Optics MKII Fisheye, outdated technology I know. I'm in the market for either a DSLR or more likely an HVX200 or Sony's HDR FX7..which will be a major upgrade. I edit with Premiere pro CS4 and AE CS4. I don't want to hear about the fact that it's not HD or the fact that I need a dolly..because I'm definitely aware. Aside from those two things critique away!

    Vw Show And Go Englishtown 2012 - YouTube

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    I suspect a car lover would be seeing all sorts of juicy things here to keep their attention, but to me it got a bit meaningless, but I ain't a car lover, so can't make a valid comment.

    I found the edits a bit harsh and jumpy, I would have liked to see fades, but I've read here before that fades are ammateur - or maybe I got the wrong end of the stick on that one? I would be interested to hear others discuss this.

    I could suggest techno music so that the edits are faster, therefore less jumpy, but depends again on how much car lovers want to see them juicy bits

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    Funny you say that, already have one of the next songs i'm gonna edit to picked and it's about as techno as it gets.. will be much faster. and HD =D

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    You seem to have the right ideas. When you get your dolly etc. you will be able to execute them better. As a piece it was way too long for the general viewer but was probably ok for those who attended the car meet or who just love this sort of thing. Try not to duplicate your camera moves too much, less is more and all that. When your in the editing chair you have to be more ruthless with the choice of clips you use, this will help shorten the piece and give you better results.

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    There were maybe a few too many shots of the sky in some parts, at the start. It looked better when you were in close on the cars or when they filled the frame. I felt the fish eye shots should have been used a bit more sparingly, just for emphasis now and again. A few quick interviews/soundbites from those who were present would have made it more interesting and energetic or little bits like at 4:25 to give it a bit of contrast.
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