I recently started a online creative marketplace where creative people can sell their creativity. I added a category for “videography” in order to give talented videographers an opportunity to make money. First I have lot of doubts about this category. However 2 new members signed up and started their pitch last month. I still need more talented artists who can come up with brilliant ideas to make money by selling short customized videos to companies (as advertisement?) or individuals (as gifts?)...

Honestly, I am still not sure what people can provide in the "videography" section...hope you folks can share your creative soul...

Some examples:

I can create a stickman animation intro presenting your logo and text for $10 : melaisthere - Streetlance
I can make a Coffee Ripple intro video with your logo or one word for $10 : Esalaah88 - StreetlanceI can make a customised stop motion drawing video for $15 : thalletti - Streetlance

Anyway, you can post unlimited pitches, upload youtube vids and registering is free. Really hope you can join my community in the “videography” section so it would be a popular place for talented videographers to make some money..