Hello everyone, I'm new here. I was looking for a forum to post stuff in, since I just last week started using After Effects. I'd like to know how people would have improved/done differently what I did here, specifically with slowmotions and the intro.

I used after effects for everything. The camera movement was a bit tricky, didn't quite get it right. Also, the fact that some of the clips weren't 60 FPS it made for very bad slowmo, but some of them still worked. I only figured out the ''time remap'' function, it seemed easiest. The slowmos didn't become smooth ones, it was like wavey.. how do I get rid of that?

Please point out anything you'd do differently, and how exactly. Also ask away if there's something you're wondering.

EDIT: here's a link, duh : fVic | Crysis 2 - "Ascent" - YouTube