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    I'm a freelancer with experience mostly in After Effects. I have experience with some 3d platforms and illustrator as well. I can create typographies, informational 2d videos with illustrations, intros, etc. I can do some video editing and template customizing for you.

    If you have any questions you can contact me at so we can discuss your goals and the price for the service. I can show you examples of my work if you want.


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    Really! Well there is already a great deal of expertize around this forum more than capable of the same thing. Guess this might not be the right place touting for business. As A tip you need to post a link to examples of your work. Not "I can show you if you want" Not very business like.

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    Default ok

    Now now, no need to be impolite.

    He either gets the work or he does not, he has posted this purely to sell himself, therefore let's allow him todo that, however badly he does it.

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