We Pitch It Promotions is your Multi-Stop promotion company. From placing your video online, on air or on demand, Wepitchpromotions.com can assist you during every step. The team at We Pitch It has over 8 years of experience in music, film, and online marketing . Owned and operated by parent company Stukk World Entertainment Group L.L.C , we’ve worked with many Indie and major company's and some today’s most well-known artists. . Our service is designed to work for all music, film , tv formats for all budgets. . Throught a digital style format, you can select from over 50 different television, online, on demand networks and retail outlets to submit your music, video's and networks to.

We offer social network buzz creation
to help bring exposure to the artist and the video. From social network views, likes , you can pick and choose which features fit your budget and needs.

We also closed caption videos for MTV, VH1, MUSIC CHOICE and more for tv submission because all network broadcast sites require line 21 closed caption.

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