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    Default Another Weekly VIDEO!

    So this is my next Jitterbee Pancake video!

    I've got say I really dislike directing people who aren't actors. I gave lots of direction and got what I wanted but it was very hard to keep them blocked well. Oh-well haha I think the video still turned out alright!

    Give me some insight, my client wants videos that are outside of the box. We're not going for your normal Pancake video.

    Shot on the Canon 7D
    Edited in FinalCutPro7
    Used a little After Effects 5.5


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    This may work in the US but for me (British) it just doesn't work. I like the outside the box idea but to promote a product with the outside the box idea is really hard to get right. That's why big ad agencies are big, because they spend tons of time and people on coming up with the right idea. "It doesn't matter how you shake it" may be what they had as a tag line in the past but if they want outside the box, drop it. Are they expecting you, a videographer, to do the job of the ad agency, ie come up with creative ideas as well as producing the videos. That is not ok. You are a videographer not an ad agency.

    On a technical point in this video you seem to have really crushed the blacks too much for my eye. The product shot at the end missed the mark. First you didn't see the package which has to be shown so shoppers will recognise it in the shops. You have broken their corporate image. On the package the type is curved and green but yours is flat and white. I hope no one realises this in your clients company.

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    The content is inconsistent with the sound track, the shots are very samey very boring, I'm afraid I don't have a lot of positive points to mention.

    On the day of the shoot, Try going NUTS with camera shots, Elbows, Knees, Feet, Hands moving, Unless I'm mistaken the criteria is the work-out itself, so we need to see a lot less face a lot more body, Especially with the lady in the red top at 0:06 - The product is out of camera shot, Try framing a shot to the side of the person as her arms are moving up and down, then frame a new shot so as the arm comes down with the product, we have a close up of the product moving into the shot, then cut away to something else.

    If you pause the video at 0:03, well I'm not the biggest fan of that shot If you do not have great actors, Avoid faces! If they are not talking why show faces? especially if you do not have the product in there!

    Now to me this looks like an advert for a sports energy drink...I then watched it again and discovered it's for a pan cake mix.

    1) Experiment with your camera, Try framing new shots.
    2) I missed what the product was entirely.
    3) 0:13 Why was he wearing a black top
    4) No close ups of the product itself, What am I buying?

    Take a look at this
    Cillit Bang Advert 1 - YouTube

    The product is...Oh Cillet Bang - Look at how he shows it off to the camera so I can clearly recognise what it is in the shops.
    What does it do? cleans this this and this.
    All done in 30 seconds.

    I can only echo what Midnight said about Ad Agencies, They exist for a number of reasons.
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    Pancakes are quick to cook and taste incredible .....
    Focus on the food.... emotions ......+ benefits of the product ...
    "Cadburys flake" advert enough said .....simple but effective.....timeless
    learn from the masters !!!!
    create positive feeling in the potential customer then show the product product to feeling in their CNS.

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