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Thread: Need two operators for June 22nd

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    Default Need two operators for June 22nd

    In need of two operators with either hvx200 or EX1/EX3 on the 22nd June in central London to film a seminar. I am a coneisseur of DSLR shooting but this is not a DSLR gig.

    Please apply below with showreel and rates. Job will go to best people with best reel, rates and reliability.



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    Hi Paul,

    I'm actually moving to London at the end of May so this will fit in perfect with my schedule. My colleague and I use Sony Z1/FX1 if you would like to consider these cameras? We use wireless mics, directional and 'hidden' mics placed around the venue to ensure all audio is captured with clarity. My company has been in business for over 3 years now and we've had 100% customer satisfaction. We can supply references should you wish to view these. Without knowing too much about your project with regards to how long the day will be, I can give you an estimated rate. For 2 cameramen and all the gear for a day's shoot would cost 500. For a half day (anything up to 4 hours) would cost 250. Should you want any editing, we charge 120 per day (but depending on your budget, we are willing to negotiate on this of course.) Please visit to view our showreel plus our Multimedia pages where you can view a range of videos from corporate projects, film trailers, music videos, events etc.

    Hopefully this has been of some use.

    Looking forward to your response.


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    Hi Paul,

    HVX 200e owner here, plenty of experience shooting conferences, keynotes etc. rates 250 p/d visit my website below for work samples.


    Video Production Services Company UK London

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