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Thread: How can I improve the quality of my vids on YOUTUBE?

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    Default How can I improve the quality of my vids on YOUTUBE?

    I recently put this video for a gym ,the owner of the gym is very pleased with it but I am disapointed with the quality of it once it was on YOUTUBE.

    The quality is much better and sharper on my PC.

    Funky Pump at First Choice Fitness,Talbot Green!!! - YouTube

    I film with a Sony Z1e and use Sony Vegas pro 9 for editing.

    I save the video as an MP4 file but am not 100% sure I am putting the best setting in when rendering it.

    I have looked on youtube for any tips but most of the videos on there are confusing and not that much help.

    Any help or advice would be great.


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    I agree it should look better than this. I've found the .wmv to be a good format to create good image quality with a small file size but unless you want to go down the route of big .avi files, even mini DV, which I wouldn't recommend for YouTube upload, I would say the mpeg2 format will give you the best result but with a bit bigger file size than .wmv. Remember to keep the project property and render setting the same as the original footage ( resolution, bit rate etc..) to keep the best quality possible.

    I'm presuming, as you up loaded to YouTube in SD, that you shot in SD, so choose the 3Mbps template and DVD quality .wmv in the custom options on the video tab. With this sort of issue you will have to experiment to see what codec suites your original format best. That is why there is not a definitive answer to this question.

    Hope this helps.

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    Tried what was sujested by Midnight Blue and very pleased with the results.

    Funky Pump promo video - YouTube=

    Thanks again

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    Thanks for getting back to us. I'm glad your pleased with the result.

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