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Thread: What do you think of my Fitness dance promo video??? Any feedback please

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    Default What do you think of my Fitness dance promo video??? Any feedback please

    Hi guys

    Was asked recently to make a promo video for a new dance/boxing class called Funky Pump.

    Funky Pump at First Choice Fitness,Talbot Green!!! - YouTube

    The owner of the gym is very pleased with it and has asked me to do another vid for him but I would be interested to hear the views of more critical expert viewers.

    What changes improvement do you think I could make?

    Thanks guys

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    I thought you did a good job here.

    The captions in the centre of the video I would have made transparent rather than cutting to black background and positioned say at the bottom. Some scenes I thought were held maybe a tad to long. You could do a cut to close up pan left to right of the people, some full face close ups mixed in with again close ups of the DJ and the record deck keeping pace with the music. Similar idea to the way they record Britain's got talent artists.

    You are right the picture quality is not what it should be. Looks like a render problem here. There are lots of Vegas experts around the forum to advice you.

    Well done anyway.

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