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Thread: Transparent AVI?

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    Default Transparent AVI?

    I've created an animated text logo in 3ds MAX and I need to create a version with the background transparent. It needs to be an AVI file. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I'm guessing that I'll need to use After Effects or Premiere.
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    Make sure you have the transparency setting enabled in 3ds max. Export as an AVI with millions+ colours (the + represents the transparency). You can now import to any application supporting transparency (alpha channel) - including Premiere Pro.

    Go to this page , and search for this text (ctrl-f, copy and paste into the box)

    Then click the Display Alpha Channel button in the new window. You will see that this file also has a grayscale channel for the transparency of the image, which is called the alpha channel. Look at the sample slot (change it to a cube) to see that the green material you created is showing through around the edges of the wine label. Close the bitmap viewing window.

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    whenever i did owt for video in 3dsmax i just set the environment to a bright green and then just used a green screen key in the vid editing program, it gave me the best results.
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