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    hello again, recently read guide on bitrates and found it helpfull heres the snag,captured two 60 min tapes with ulead overall quality poor?captured 60 min with ulead then decided to try tmpeg, settings where(dvd pal mpeg2 720*576 25 fps cbr 8000 kbps) audio linear pcm 48000hz 1536kbps,it seemed to convert even though the original was captured from ulead but when i tried to burn with nero it said file wasn,t compliant i,m beggining to lose all faith. i can appreciate still slideshows are crystal but when others scream of perfect dvd end results i would like to know how,marc when is guide for tmpeg comin and where am i goin wrong am i expecting too much? all i want to do is create good dvd copys of my home movies and old vhs tapes preferably with an all in one program that does it all instead of using various programs to do this and that. there must be something for the novice untill he/she gets to grips with it all.i have a more than adequate system as it was purpose built for this sort of thing,contless software winrip/wincoder/windvd/winproducer/sonic my dvd/ulead3/nero6+vision express. i now have a lovely cd tree in the garden with all my failed attempts. can you reccomend a good guide book one that doubles up with the software involved,not a flight becomes more confusing as more and more people reccomend this and that,as you are the guru of the vef then i,m sure if you published a totall step by step guide from capture to finished dvd including how much could be fit onto disc with relevant information as to possible quality loss,it could include software and take the user through each step,then i for one would obtain the software and buy your book now and i bet i,m not on my own.i have no problems with slideshows in any format just really struggling with this video to dvd,if mpeg2 is dvd standard then whats all these vob and so on files about. if your ever in darwen in lancashire let me know and some home tuition would guarantee you a warm welcome and damm good hospitality.hopin that the the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and not dimmer best regards to all who can share their knowledge and help the underlings grow into fine trees of productive excellence.

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    Don't lose faith. Once you've got it, you'll be well chuffed.

    Bear in mind how even on bought DVDs of well known movies I have seen problems with blockiness in some scenes. A lot depends on your MPEG encoder, I've heard a lot of raving about TMPEG.

    Also, I've read that some things like Nero make some assumptions about re-encoding. I don't have a DVD burner (too poor at the moment) but my trusty old CD burner did manage to do some VCDs for me and Nero messed them up and they wouldn't play in my neighbour's standalone which got me well gutted. I worked it out in the end though, by creating VCD images and burning as images in Nero.

    Before we make an image, you should make sure the "discs" you've made are in fact working properly. You can do this by using a software DVD player like the latest versions of PowerDVD or WinDVD, both of which supports playback of DVD files from the hard-disk.
    This is good advice taken from

    Take things step by step, check everything is good before burning, and tell us the specifics... we'll get to the bottom of this!

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    Mark, I feel your pain!!!! Like yourself, all I am doing is wasting CD's and hoping that someone out there will offer some simple advice/tips. Although I notice you still haven't received any helpful replies in over a week, maybe a fish will bite. I'm hoping to get some insight from who offers you some tips!!!

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    If you're saying that my reply isn't helpful, please be more specific. Because what I said above is already a step in the right direction I hope.

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