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Thread: 7ar Bared show

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    Default 7ar Bared show

    This video Arabic but English translator

    What do you think ؟

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    Sorry guys this didn't keep my interest for more than a few mins. The characters came across as very unrealistic and it was a dull scripted for an English ear.

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    You should have stuck with it, Midnight. I agree it was a poor start - especiallyif you're trying to follow the subtitles. It was a comedy with a message. Some of the funniest parts were the English translations for the subtitles. Overall I enjoyed it. It was quite highly stylised and I thought the characters were real characters - comedy characters, but characters all the same.
    My only discomfort was the se of a glidetrack reversing on itself - but again I realise that was deliberate.

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    Ok I gave it a second try after Tims review. I still didn't like it. One thing though, it was technically very well made. Framing, lighting, exposer, focus all spot on.

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