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Thread: Sleeping with the Fish

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    Default Sleeping with the Fish

    This is the last of my Sea Life Centre videos.

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    Good evening MB

    Thought this was good ...haunting music ...liked the terrapins ..
    What was the fish/ray at 1.06 weird !!!!

    To be honest I still much prefer your "Jelly fish" video as it was so different and the colours/music was fab

    I also prefer your "Penguin & Seal" video I thought this was better than the otter video though.

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    The funny looking Ray is a small Undulate Ray. They do look odd from that view.

    I agree with you the Jellyfish one was probably the one which works best. The Penguins and Seals was the easiest to edit. Those loverly Asian Short Clawed Otters was the most complex and difficult edit.

    Well I'm sure you'll be glad to know I've stitched them all together and finished all the Sea Life Centre videos, so you don't have to suffer any more of my day trip to Scarborough.

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    you've done really well to avoid all potential reflection, shooting through glass is frustrating so well done for that.
    Just to be finigity 15seconds- the fish were a bit soft, there was a wobbly camera on the crab/lobster near the beginning and I would have preferred not to have see the surface of the water with the terrapins as everything else was purely underwater.
    Really good though

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    All perfectly good observations Fuzzy. I did wonder about taking out the water line on the terrapins shot but good judgement left me thought out this whole project. (Except for the Jellyfish). Which most people seem to like.

    I'm hoping normal service will resume soon otherwise this could be the start of dementia coming.

    Thanks for viewing.

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    A undulate ray hey ......never seen one before

    Are you going to post your finished video with all edited together MB

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    Shouldn't it have been called "Sleeping with the Anenome"?

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    Tim that was a bad one but I Iike it

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    I won't be posting the compiled piece as it's mainly the same stuff with a bit of transition bit's between them so it's not worth it.

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    All in all, music elevates this piece on another level. It had a nice, watery feel to it. Did you make the music as well?

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