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Thread: My latest Short Commercial

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    Default My latest Short Commercial

    I'm doing some short commercials for Jitterbee Pancake mix.

    For this one the idea was its so quick and easy that you can mix it in the shower, and it will be ready when you are.

    I think my biggest problem in this commercial was lighting. I had a pretty hard time lighting my shower.

    Shot on the 7D and gopro
    Edited in Final Cut Pro 7
    Titles in AF 5.5

    Anyways please tell me what you think and give me some feedback!


    Jitterbee, Pancakes in the shower! - YouTube

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    I get the idea but it didn't work for me. Not sure why but it kind of made me think unhygienic, taking food into the shower. I thought the titles at the end were a bit quick for me to read. I thought the end shot looked good.

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    Doesn't make me want to cook /eat pancakes ....sorry but being honest.
    catchy saying though!!!!
    Why not get some great footage of bottle shaking then a close up of pouring it into a hot pan and a close up of pancake cooking/being tossed and finally being eaten by a good looking lady/man/family

    Simple but effective!!!!

    Create the + feeling then show your product at end .......repeat

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    Yeah we're going to do some videos with the basic food commercial idea. But my client wants something outside of the box. Which is really nice because it keeps me creative and on my feet!

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    When you step back into the more basic commercial idea, make sure you do a great job with the lighting, it's so important.

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