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    So my little multiplatform project about little tinfoil creatures fallen to Earth and trying to adapt to Earth, has stuff. Theres a twitter, facebook and youtube channel. All of which can be accessed through a website.. yay! Still a work in progress, but its pretty much all here up and running.

    Just waiting on cards to arrive so the little creatures can start exploring the planet!
    If anyone wants some to look after or give to friends, please do message me! As longs as I get some photos when they arrive safely, and maybe a little video to go with...

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    Good luck with this project Fuzzy.

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    Good on you for getting stuff done Fuzzy Muffin !!!! Liked your website ......appreciate still work to do.

    Best of luck with your great project and please keep us posted on your progress.

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    Stuff is what I do best

    Thanks guys!

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