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    I think the white balance is off on some of the early office scenes. I didn't like the squashed split screen at 2:00 mins. There seems to be an unnecessary dissolve transition at 2:38.

    It's hard to know if it works a intended, as I don't understand the language or it's intended use, I feel it's may be a bit too long, there are too many examples of the companies work but apart from the above little points. I think it looks like a nice company promotional piece. It's well filmed and edited.

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    This is a bit more like it. Although like you say its Dutch, that didn't matter for me the important thing is audio description. I thought well edited and to the point. Although and again my thoughts its way to long for a presentation The inside of the factory was engaging but the showing of the buildings that used the product, a bit to much maybe. This would be more suited to the Companies Web site.
    With Youtube something like this should be 3 minutes max other wise the audience loose interest very quickly. I happend to see a 38 second clip. Ideal. short sharp and to the point. Though the Superman sound track spoiled it not really suitable for this.

    One final thing. You may be aware of optimizing websites so that search engines can find them. Well the same idea applies to Video on Youtube. We get so carried away with just sticking the video up for display. its all well and good. Problem is Youtube and Google spiders only know its a video file they cannot understand what its supposed to be about. So you need to have a good strong title. And as much relevant info in the description as possible. plus the keywords. Google indexes this information giving you greater exposure.

    Keep up the good work

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    Thank you so much

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