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Thread: Tricky Video - Please, help me to improve it...

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    Default Tricky Video - Please, help me to improve it...

    Hi guys!

    So I made that video recently with the tricks inspired by one april-fools day prank. It's about the mental tricks.
    I was trying to make editing nice and interesting, but I feel there is still a lot of room to improvement.
    It would be great if you could give me some pointers, what should I work on to make it look more professionally edited.

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    Firstly this isn't a bad video for what it is. I think the best way to improve the production quality of the video is to deal with the audio. I would do this by either having an assistant to hold a shotgun mic just out of shot or you could have a clip on mic. Nothing says DIY/home made video more than poor audio.

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    Thanks, Midnight Blue! Is there any mike you can advise me?

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    I'm not a sound or mic expert so I can't recommend a particular mic. I use a shotgun mic which is a Sennheiser k6 me66 which gives me nice results but I don't know if this is the best mic for you. You might be better off with a clip on mic plugged into an iphone.

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    The Audio Technica ATR35 is a cheap/decent tie clip mic check it out.

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    Thanks again Midnight Blue, I think the clip mike would be the best solution in my case, as the big shotgun mike might scare people and they will not want to appear on the camera.

    slimbob, I've checked that mike on google and it seems pretty good! the price is like 25 pounds which I think is very nice. I just wonder about the quality.

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    It is a decent budget lav mic....... I had one and was impressed but it was not suitable in the end ...not linked to quality but circumstance.

    You can pay more and get a better tie cip mic (ie) 50 + but it depends on your budget...

    How much can you spend on your mic Jakubr???

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    Actually quality is quite important to me (I'm planning to buy some hd camera, and some clip mikes would be also great). I can't spend that much but I think up to 50 should be ok (I'll need to buy at least two of them). Did you think of any particular model?

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