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Thread: Penguins & Seals Just Chilling

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    Default Penguins & Seals Just Chilling

    As the titles say, they're just chilling not performing.

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    Much preferred this to the otter one MB
    Thought the music was very appropriate especially with penguins as they are so funny .
    The start with close up of penguin was fantastic and crisp clear sharp !!!

    Negatives .....not much but noticed a few jerks in footage which in is probably down to "You Tube" compressing your footage a bit I imagine??????
    But hey scrapping the barrel a bit here to criticise this.

    I thought the text was good but I really liked the "Jelly Fish" text which I know would not fit here as it matched the blue in that video perfectly.

    Great video Midnight your love of animals comes across ......join the club

    Here is a bloody hard question for you if you had the chance to video any animal alive today what would it be?? Or maybe a top 10 ??

    Mine in no order of preference:

    Emperor Penguin
    Blue Whale
    Great White Shark
    Wolverine/Honey Badger
    Dolphin/killer Whale
    Fishing Eagle

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    Cheers Bob, you're so easy to please.

    As I've done a tiger. (Flamingo Park Zoo) my next fave animal to film would deffo be a Blue Whale.

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    Yes me too ...... get the scuba gear on

    Personally I am going in a sub But I will watch your back!!!!!
    Off out now for a walk ....lovely evening couldn't find a walking smiley ..... I am not injured again thank God.

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