Hello guys,

i have read the sticky postings, so i want to start by saying that i respect all artwork, modern as well, video, music.. no issue at all. However, at times generic rules don't apply. For example, right now what i would like to do is simply to publish some stuff on YouTube. I own a normal channel with a few subscribers, nothing special - might even open a new one. Earning the $$ with YouTube, as far as i am informed, is not even possible in my country. If there was a platform as famous and huge as YouTube for audio only, i'd publish there. But there simply isn't. And what i really can't have are those videos with a still image and a bit of audio in the background. Save me.

Speaking of which - the work (music) i did has not brought me a single cent either; if it had, i'd perhaps have a budget for something more "substantial". These things, however, are perhaps still to come.

So what i look for is somebody who is motivated to create video art (any type) to prepared music. The artist then gets some audience and a chance to spread the image. And i can publish a track.

This is the deal. And that is exactly what i am trying to achieve.

So if you're interested in doing some collaboration work, get in touch with me and we'll talk about the details.

I have lots of music that might require a video basis for publishing, but the track we speak of here is of an experimental, electronic, trance genre. So if this music somehow turns you off, its better you skip this issue. If you like the stuff, all doors are open.

This might as well be a chance for some people to stuff together and publish some of their leftover material - i assume that's something that uses to happen when you record lots of video.

I can't and won't disclose details on the song here openly, but what i can say is that i was asked to do a remix for a pretty nice track from a rock band, as part of a remix EP. The guy running the show is not entirely giving a clear picture on how publishing comes along. So this might just as well stay an "open web-only thing".

I cannot give a deadline as i got none. Let's see what comes up.

And as a final note: i hope this is a proper job request. If something is missing, let me know and i'll adapt. I'm perfectly fine with fitting into the rules here, but as i am new and just registered, there might be some things that i miss(ed).

Cheers & Thx