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Thread: My registration was denied ...

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    Question My registration was denied ...

    Hey guys,

    just joined the heap and i love it, but for some reason i could not register with my actual username "Leonidas".

    I got: "Registration denied, this forum runs an active policy of not allowing spammers."

    It said to use the "Contact Us" page. There was no such page.

    Instead i chose "Leon idas", then it worked. But this is sort of ridiculous

    Can you guys please change my username to "Leonidas"? Or whom do i ask for this?

    Leonidas (its my actual name)

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    I don't know why your name was not aloud, perhaps we have had a spammer under that name in the past so it got flagged by the forum software. The main Admin is Marc Peters if you want to send him a PM

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    This has been changed as requested.

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