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    As a piece of random footage stitched together that was film nicely, it's fine but for me it doesn't do what it says on the tin. I didn't really get "emotion" from the piece.

    It does look nice and I'm sure it's not easy to get people to look comfortable when you have stuck a camera in their face so well done for being able to do that.

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    Thank for your reaction. So you think it's not bad for a beginner?

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    No I'm not saying it's not bad for a beginner as I know your not a beginner, I'm saying it's nicely shot and edited what ever the experience level. BUT as the piece is called "Emotion", for me it lacks emotion a piece called emotion should have. If you just called it "random people in the street" that would be a more fitting title.

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    Okee, I understand

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    I'm with midnight on that one. technically, it looks great, but there is no message, no story, those are just good looking shots put together with a calm music. I do not understand what the intention was, what the message is or, for that matter, where the emotions were. Which leads me to my question: what were the purpose of this vid? (maybe it'll help me understand) what's the context?


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